Mara Mentor

The Foundations free online mentoring platform that connects ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders globally and can be accessed via a web based platform and a mobile application that’s available on iOS and Android.

Mara Mentor enables ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with peers and business leaders globally. Enabling to empower entrepreneurs through the provision and access of a breadth of resources consisting of: discussion and debate forums, resources, industry news & updates and furthermore an open access feature for ‘mentees to connect to renowned world class mentors’.

Mara Mentor provides a seamless service and is a modern and dynamic platform, through which entrepreneurs gain: encouragement, support, guidance and most significantly - vital feedback required for the progression of business ideas and plans. The strategic vision is aligned with that of developing economies and endeavours to increase productive activity of SME sectors in the countries it operates, thus in turn allowing to create economic gains through the development of an SME sector which will enhance economic activities; increasing GDP, lowering unemployment rates, growth of socio economic classes, reduction in gender inequality and most importantly - Empower, Enable and Inspire current and future generations through the continuation and offset of a growing SME sector as a result of the impact expected.

Mara Mentor encourages idea and knowledge sharing amongst the most promising young and women entrepreneurs, inspiring a collaborative approach to business start-up and growth. Mara Mentor has been created to empower not just Africa’s youth and women in their business endeavours, but youth and women globally: in recognition that they are the driving force behind global development and growth through innovation.