Mara Women

Is designed specifically to engage and develop the next generation of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Mara Women aims to offer women business development training and mentoring, through Mara Mentor the programme will exponentially increase the intellectual, financial and social capital of women while strengthening the global entrepreneurship sisterhood around the world. The main framework consists of Mentorship and Business Training. The main objectives of Mara Women are depicted below:


  • Mara Women is designed to Empower women in their chosen field
  • Mentorship is the key component to Enable women unleashes their potential
  • Mentors from varied sectors of Industry to Inspire women & bring a wealth of knowledge experience
  • Enable leadership and promote gender equality

In short our model promotes improving access and availability of finance to women, in turn creating an increase in women owned businesses which will increase women’s contribution to economic growth and further develop the creation of inspirational role models and facilitate the increase of the percentage of women holding exec and non exec roles in the boardroom.