Mara Mentor FAQs

Who is eligible for mentorship?

There are only 2 eligibility criteria in order for a young entrepreneur to be considered for Mara Mentor One-on-One and to be given the chance of winning a mentor:

1. Be the leader of your own business, which is not less than 1 and not more than 3 years of age
2. Be exciting and ambitious – have a vision and articulate it

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are sourced from the world of business and are very diverse in terms of their background. They are usually established entrepreneurs in their own right but sometimes may include top professionals (for example bankers, finance heads and lawyers) and consultants. In general, they will be running an organisation of at least 10 staff and in most cases considerably more – sometimes in the thousands.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and mentees are matched organically and naturally through business speed-dating. Rather than any forced pairings being made, mentors and mentees have a chance to meet each other and discover where synergies may lie. This approach to matching is fundamental to the programme’s success.

At the matching event, potential mentees have the opportunity to interact for three minutes with each of ten separate mentors, in a series of ‘business speed-dates’. At the end of the speed dates, a mentor will have met around 20 young entrepreneurs, and is free to express a preference for who they would like to work with. In most cases they receive their first preference – in the case of a clash, the organisers use their discretion.

What can I expect from the mentorship?

You can expect the mentor to give you advice and guidance towards achieiving the goals you have set for your business. Some mentors may also be able to provide other forms of assistance and new opportunities. However a Mentor is not a source of funding.

Do I have to pay?

No, the programme is free and all our mentors are volunteers. However, you will be expected to show your appreciation for the mentor’s time through gestures like paying for refreshments if you meet in a public place, for example.

What else do I get from being involved?

You are now part of the entrepreneur's community enabling you to network, share ideas and share challenges with your peers. You will also get the chance to share your learning with aspiring young entrepreneurs who unlike you, have not yet made their first steps into business.